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Lions drop road game to Jacksonville 49-41

06/10/2019 9:53 AM

 The Columbus Lions fought hard, but ultimately came up short on the road against the best team in the league, the Jacksonville Sharks (6-1), 49-41. The game was the kickoff to the three-game road trip the lions would me making.
Shark’s quarterback Jonathan Bane would connect with three touchdowns, two to Jarmon Fortson, before the Lions would find their way onto the board. The Lions offense finally found some life early in the second quarter when Luke Collis found Chris Sanders for a three-yard touchdown. Lindsey Wolfe added on another two, but the Lions defense couldn’t keep the Sharks out of the end zone. Jacksonville would take a 29-8 lead into halftime.
But as quick as lightning, Collis would find Paris Mack for a 30-yard bomb on the first play of the second half. It would be the first of three touchdowns in the 3rd quarter from Collis, who also found Bones Bagaunte and DeAndre Brown. Jacksonville saw their lead narrow to 36-27 entering the 4th.
Jacksonville’s Zach Brown would carry the team, accounting for a 16-yard touchdown pass and a five-yard touchdown run in the 4th. Collis would find Bagaunte for his second touchdown and Kam Pettway for a 28-yard strike, but the comeback would fall short 49-41.
The game was tough for the Lions, who’s defense held Jacksonville one for six on 3rd downs and was able to turn them over twice. But it was the 20 points off turnovers for Jacksonville that made the comeback tough.
Luke Collis would toss six touchdowns for 196 yards and two interceptions. Kam Pettway wasn’t able to do much on the ground, rushing for 3 yards on five carries. But he would reel in two receptions for 42 yards and a touchdown, one of five Lions to catch a touchdown. Chris Sanders led the team in receptions and yards (Seven receptions for 55 yards). Baguante was the only Lion with multiple touchdowns.
On defense, Martay Maddox led the way with six total tackles. Linebackers Greg Hall Jr. and Kassim Forbes forced fumbles. Ken Washington also forced a fumble and almost took it to the house on a 35-yard return.
The journey on the road continues as the Lions (2-5) travel to New York to take on the Street (3-4) on June 15th. It will be the first time the two teams meet this season.