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Jun 3rd
  • Corpus Christi Rage (12) @ Columbus Lions (81)

    Game Summary, Game Completed
Jun 12th
  • Columbus Lions (49) @ Monterrey Steel (42)

    Game Summary, Game Completed
Jun 17th
  • Columbus Lions (50) @ Georgia Firebirds (34)

    Game Summary, Game Completed
Jun 23rd
  • Columbus Lions (52) @ Lehigh Valley Steelhawks (50)

    Game Summary, Game Completed

Please be aware all games in Texas are in the Central Time Zone...  Mexico although in the same time zone doesn't recognize daylight savings time. 

The time displayed with Scorestream will reflect the current time where you are sitting in front of the computer. 

Example: Corpus Christi Rage is set to play at 7pm on March 26 : it will display to you in the Eastern Time Zone at 8pm.


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