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Bud Light, Lyft, And The Lions Team Up For 2020

02/19/2020 8:02 AM

For the 2020 season, the Columbus Lions Professional Indoor Football Team, Bud Light, and Lyft have teamed up to provide safe rides home for our Corporate Suite ticket holders. Lions fans can catch a free Lyft ride home (up to $10 off) from the Columbus Civic Center using the unique code given. Be on the lookout for unique codes to be distributed for each subsequent home game.
The Lyft service will be available from around 7:30PM to about an hour after the game has ended. Please keep in mind that the code may only be used once per account and only on the specified date. This offer is ONLY available to those guests of the VIP Corporate Suites and are limited to 100 vouchers per game so please reserve your Suite today! For more information or to reserve your suite today call 706.322.3336 or email jason@columbuslions.net

About Lyft
Lyft was founded in June 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer to improve people's lives with the world's best transportation. Lyft is the fastest growing rideshare company in the U.S. and is available to 95 percent of the US population as well as in Ontario, Canada. Lyft is preferred by drivers and passengers for its safe and friendly experience, and its commitment to effecting positive change for the future of our cities.

About Bud Light
Introduced in 1982, Bud Light is a premium light lager with a superior drinkability that has made it the best-selling and most popular beer in the United States. Bud Light is brewed using a blend of premium aroma hop varieties, both American-grown and imported, and a combination of barley malts and rice. The light-bodied beer features a fresh, clean and subtle hop aroma, delicate malt sweetness and a crisp finish that delivers the ultimate refreshment. For more information, visit