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Who Are The Greatest Of All Time

03/30/2020 1:23 PM

 Imagine if you could put together the greatest Lions' roster from the past 14 years. Who would you put on that team? It sets up an interesting debate and a more difficult question than simply the best players of all time. You have to consider personalities, team play, and most of all positions.

Here's how we'll set it up: Just like an NAL roster, there will be 21 roster spots. The team will be broken down by positions including backups, just like a standard game. 2-QB 1-Kicker 1-Fullback 3-Offensive Lineman 4-Defensive Lineman 2-Linebackers 4-Defensive Backs 4-Wide Receivers

For the next month, we will take nominations for each position. All nominations need to be submitted via the Lions facebook or instagram account. Make your arguement for your nomination. Starting May 1st, fans will begin to vote to build the All Time Legends Team. Good luck and let the debates begin.

Note: When submitting a player, consider their longevity, championships, stats, and community presence.